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Design has changed over centuries to become multi-disciplinary through the merging of individual design fields, as well through the division of basic disciplines into several branches that are connected to new theories, technologies and societal needs. Today design can be viewed as a part of or unifying element between various branches of economy.By accepting coexistence of different design concepts, the aim of the conference is to provide a platform for researchers from various industries and professionals to share experience and knowledge not only in the traditional design disciplines, but also including a broad range of social, economic, political, historical, educational, philosophical, scientific and technological issues related to the design and its impact on the professional and educational environment.
Conference topics:

Design and Technologies

Engineering Design

Architecture and Design

The Future City. Urban Systems

Design - Future in the Past

Technologies and Sustainable Design

Design Theories, Strategies and Methods

Design Thinking

Design Management

Design Education

Future Design professions


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