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Design. Experience. Challenges 2018

The annual Design Research and Education Conference took place on October 18, 2018 in the Portrait Hall of the Latvian Academy of Sciences.
The theme of the conference was

The conference was organized by the Latvian Designers’ Society in cooperation with the Latvian Academy of Sciences and the Rezekne Academy of Technologies.
The aim of the event was to gather experience and opinions, to search for answers to the actual questions of the design industry and education, to listen, understand and to learn.


Presentations (lv) of participants of the 3rd part of the Conference are available here

Ojars Sparitis, President of of the Latvian Academy of Sciences
Karlis Agis Gross “Designing the taste in cold desserts”

Maija Rozenfelde and Rudolfs Strelis I “The importance of cooperation. Studies at the  Pratt Institute”

Maija Rozenfelde and Rudolfs Strelis IIThe importance of cooperation. Studies at the  Pratt Institute”

Sarmite Polakova I “School as an antenna. 10 good behavior notes. DAE.”

Sarmite Polakova IISchool as an antenna. 10 good behavior notes. DAE.”

Nora Gavare "Uncomfortable is good". Design education in Hong Kong.

Germans ErmicsShaping Colour”

Arturs AnaltsMatter to Matter”

Dear DEC 18 Participants,

Thank you for being part of the  Design.Experience.Challenges 2018!

We Look Forward To Seeing You Next Year!





Design has changed over centuries to become multi-disciplinary through the merging of individual design fields, as well as through the division of basic disciplines into several branches that are connected to new theories, technologies and societal needs. Today design can be viewed as a part of or unifying element between various branches of economy.

By accepting coexistence of different design concepts, the aim of the conference is to provide a platform for researchers from various industries and professionals to share experience and knowledge not only in the traditional design disciplines, but also including a broad range of social, economic, political, historical, educational, philosophical, scientific and technological issues related to the design and its impact on the professional and educational environment.

The official languages of the Conference are Latvian and English.

The conference propose a wide range of scientific areas that are associated with the design.

Conference topics:

Design and Technologies

Engineering Design

Architecture and Design

The Future City. Urban Systems

Technologies and Sustainable Design

Design Theories, Strategies and Methods

Design Thinking

Design Management

Design Education

Future Design professions




The Latvian Designers’ Society is a professional creative organisation, which unites specialists of various design spheres in order to promote professional growth and enhancement of creative capabilities on the basis of common interests, in order to support increased prestige of the profession and exchange of valuable experience, as well as in order to exhibit, store and ensure publicity of works made by its members and to foster development of the Latvian spiritual and material culture.More information on


Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) is a state founded higher education institution with unlimited international accreditation. Its roots go back to 1925. Record sheets starting from 1 August 1925.The aim of RTA is to provide academic and professional higher education in compliance with the science development level and cultural traditions of Latvia being competitive in the European education space, developing studies and research in 14 study fields. he mission of RTA is to provide an opportunity to achieve academic and professional higher education, do fundamental and applied research in educational science, humanities and arts, social science, information and communication sciences, engineering, manufacturing and construction. More information on


Our supporters

State Culture Capital Foundation

Latvian Academy of Sciences


University of Latvia, Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art




Organizing Team

Andra Irbite Aina Strode Janis Polis Laimdota Locmele Kristians Dalmanis Edgars Kirilovs



Scientific Committee

Dr.phys., prof. Andris Kangro, University of Latvia

Dr.ekon., prof. Biruta Sloka, University of Latvia

Dr.paed., prof. Ilze Ivanova, University of Latvia, senior researcher Daina Lace, Art Academy of Latvia Edgars Kirilovs, Riga Technical University

Dr.paed., Aina Strode, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Lyubomir Lazov, Rezekne Academy of Technologies




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